Market Buy, "The Online Offer Management System"

In most property sales...

  • the agent wastes hours processing offers they know don't have a chance at winning
  • the sellers go hours without an update from the agent and then wonder if they could've gotten a higher price after it's all done and dusted
  • the buyers feel ripped off and wonder if there really was a second interested party they were competing with
No one walks away completely happy or satisfied.

With Market Buy...

  • The agent saves time with each house sale allowing them to either list more houses or see their family more (and usually get a higher price for each sale too!)
  • The sellers can instantly see all the offers from any mobile device or desktop, and the transparent nature of the system encourages genuine offers and healthy competition
  • The buyers can see exactly how many interested parties there are and how much they're offering, knowing at any point where they stand
Everyone walks away happy and satisfied!


If you can think of better things to do with your time than filling out redundant paperwork, you want to focus more on selling properties than sitting behind a desk, you want to make more money from each property sold, you want a genuine point of difference and you want to be the good guy for once, then you have to get on Market Buy! It's an online tool that helps you streamline the offer process within your agency.

Forget spending hours doing paperwork. Manage buyers and their offers using your desktop or mobile / cell, whenever you want from wherever you are. It's so much quicker and easier than conventional methods AND it'll all be branded with your logo and colours!

Make more money in less time and focus on the parts of your job you love! Market Buy's the no-brainer solution to most of your pain points.

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Are you worried you won't get the highest price for your most valuable asset?

Are you finding it hard to find an agent you can trust?

If you list your property with an agent on Market Buy, you'll be able to see all of the offers as they're made and you won't have to wait for the agent to find the time to give you updates. But more importantly, the transparent nature of Market Buy means Buyers are more likely to submit multiple genuine and real offers and keep placing offers as the price rises. It's a system they can trust, and because they know exactly where they stand and they have pressure-free time to think, they are more comfortable offering higher amounts. You need to find an agent who's on Market Buy!

You need to find an agent who's on Market Buy!

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If you're lucky enough, the house you love will be listed with an agent on Market Buy. If this is the case, you've got it made - you can see how many interested parties there are and what the highest offer is at any point in time. You get email notifications when your offer has been beaten and because you're placing offers from your desktop or on your mobile / cell, from home or out and about, you have time to think about what you're prepared to do - there's no pressure, you're in control and you can act fast when needed. And you don't have to wait hours or sometimes days to get an update on how you went, only to find you missed out on your dream home.

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