We all know, as agents, how difficult it is to coordinate a Private Sale with multiple offers. The meetings, the offers, the paperwork and all those deposits take up a huge amount of time, effort and discussion.

Not only that but there's a great amount of wariness and distrust from the consumers in the whole process of closed envelope offers. There is concern about the security of their offer, the privacy and the integrity of the method by which the property is to be sold. In many cases the losing buyers feel hard done by and are left with lingering doubts about how they were treated and if they were given every available chance to secure the property.

Market Buy is "The Online Offer Management System" and its transparent process builds trust and encourages potential buyers to put in as many genuine offers and counter offers as they want, whenever they want from wherever they are, and it's all done through your own secure Market Buy site, completely re-branded to look like your listing agency - logos, colours, etc, it's all you! It can be accessed easily, quickly and securely from anywhere at any time through mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops with internet.

If you want to show you're embracing the digital age, you need to start using Market Buy!

Who has spare time to waste?

Market Buy significantly reduces time spent during the offer process. Let's say the average offer takes up an hour of your time (paperwork, meetings with the buyers and updating and advising the vendor, collecting deposits, etc) and what if you have 5 offers to process - that's at least 5 hours gone!!! Take a moment to think of all the things you could get done in 5 hours... The same scenario using Market Buy would take 10 minutes to set up and then half an hour with the winning buyer to process the paperwork.

Could you do with some extra money?

Market Buy not only frees up time spent on properties that are almost a done deal, to allow you to sell even more properties with the limited time you have, but also increases the sales price potential for each property sold. Its transparent process builds trust amongst your potential buyers and as a result they are less inhibited when placing their offers. They can also see in real time who they're competing against and can put in counter offers with the click of a button - it's so easy!

Stuck at work when everyone else is living their life?

Let's say you have a heap of interest in a property, you've set it up in Market Buy, potential buyers are pushing the price up and up and you're relaxing at dinner watching the price climb on your smart phone. Someone rings and they want to place an offer too. Usually you'd need to meet with them, fill out the paperwork, talk to the vendors, etc - but you're out to dinner! With Market Buy, you simply invite them to the property sale (using your smart phone), they register and they're ready to compete with the other buyers. In only a couple of minutes, you've made the most of the opportunity before they go cold and you can still enjoy your dinner!

Would a new point of difference help you convert more leads?

In this game, we're all the same to the sellers - they take a leap of faith that they're choosing an agent who will do everything they say, keep them updated and offer the right advice when needed. And all they have to go by is who's a better salesperson, who can make that connection with them or who offers the best price. If you could offer them the best sales price potential, a way to be continually updated on what's happening with offers coming in AND the flexibility to opt in at any point of the sales process - you'd definitely get their attention! We can even help out with promotional material branded for your agency so you can make the most of it.

How we solve all your problems (almost)...

  1. When a property has enough interest, you spend a couple of minutes setting it up in your own branded Market Buy page
  2. You add all interested buyers, buyer agents, the sellers and any of your own agents who'd like to be kept in the loop
  3. Once the offer process commences, everyone can see how many buyers there are (but not who they are) and what the current offer is for that property
  4. Buyers can increase their offer to be in the lead as they see fit
  5. Buyers, sellers and agents get updated by email the instant a new offer is placed - so everyone is kept in the loop (they can also login at any point and see for themselves)
  6. On conclusion of the sale, everyone is notified by email of the outcome

Maybe it's too good to be true?

See Market Buy in action for yourself - our friendly team can't wait to show you the ins and outs of Market Buy, we're pretty excited by how great it is. And don't worry, there's no pressure at all - it really does sell itself. Just don't be the last one to get in on "The Online Offer Management System" that will revolutionise how you sell properties. Call us on 1300 90 90 95 or complete our online form and we'll get in touch with you.

Note: we'll give you a call within 1-2 business days to go through the Market Buy demo with you, so we do need your mobile number in order to do this.