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Imagine what your sale would be like if you were kept up to date with every offer that came in as it happened? Imagine what it would mean for you, if your agent could focus more on creating competition for your property and getting you a far better result.

That's the power Market Buy gives your agent – you'll be kept up to date with every offer that comes in and your agent will be able to spend more time generating more competition for your property.

With the added transparency that Market Buy offers, all buyers will be given equal opportunity to compete. All you have to do, is choose which offer and conditions best suit your needs.

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    Be kept informed and enjoy a smooth, easy sales process

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    Generate maximum competition for your property


Wouldn't it be so much fairer if you had just as much opportunity to put your best offer forward as every other buyer? No more of that "First and best offer" method, where you have no idea if your offer will be enough. With Market Buy, you'll know whether your offer is leading the pack or lagging behind. You'll get an equal and fair chance to put your best offer forward and secure your dream home and you'll be kept in the loop at every step of the process!

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