About Us

We are a website that facilitates offers for private property sales.

For many years the real estate industry has provided little option to Owners and Buyers in the way they purchase real estate. Buyers are asked to meet with agents at the office and complete a mountain of paperwork even in cases where there are multiple offers. Once the property is then sold all that paperwork is shredded and all those deposits have to be refunded. This costs time and money both of which could be better spent on more dollar productive activities for all concerned.

The buyers themselves are invariably put in a position where they have little to no idea where the competition sits. Private Sale sells the vast majority of real estate. In these transactions buyers are asked to make a gut wrenching decision on where they decide to place their offer without any guidance or indications of the other buyers' levels of interest. This is an extremely uncomfortable and difficult situation to be in.

Are you too high?

Have you gone too low?

Will you get another chance?

Are the agents playing buyers off against each other?

These questions and many more are just the tip of the iceberg of the conundrums that modern real estate buyers face.

Well we aim to make the whole process easier, more transparent and simpler for all concerned. The more comfortable a consumer is in a process the more likely they are to make their best offers.

The world has changed significantly in the last five years and now is the time for the real estate industry to offer a thoroughly modern and convenient way to buy real estate.