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Market Buy is the brain child of founder David Stewart, a veteran agent of some 20 plus years, he found himself dreading the paperwork burden of multi offer situations in late 2014 as Australia recovered from the impacts of the GFC. Like many of us faced with a mountain of paperwork he uttered those all too common words "There must be a better way."

But at the time, there wasn't and as a result Market Buy was born – it's first sale completed in 2016 with 14 active participants and 47 offers made.

We've come a long way since then and our technology has evolved into the most powerful and flexible online offer management platform found anywhere. It's a not so humble-brag, but where else can you run any sale type, including a hybrid strategy of your own creation all on the one platform ... and swap between sale strategies as the market feedback dictates.

We're proud of our tech and our 'Agent First' culture (having been agents ourselves). We firmly believe agents are now and always will be central to real estate transactions and our job is to enhance what agents do by making it more efficient, more profitable and more accessible. All while delivering incredible opportunity and transparency to buyers and keeping your sellers in the loop through every step of the sales process.

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