Here at Market Buy we believe in supporting our agents. I mean it's simple right? If you make sales and our software helps you then we earn a living too!

With this in mind we provide extensive and on going support to all of our agents.

Once you have an account with us we provide in depth online training to help you get up to speed and using the software to its full potential If you are based in Victoria we can also organise onsite visits to provide one on one training. We tailor the level of support to your needs and in your first few sales we will actively be involved behind the scenes to answer any questions you may have and we provide 24 hour phone support for all of our agents.

Even beyond these first few sales our tech team is always monitoring the system and we stand ready, at a moments notice, to provide help, advice and suggestions to you and your team with any aspects of the sales process.

We have a few years of experience at this now and we are able to assist with dialogue, scripts and helpful tips in how you can demonstrate the power and effectiveness of Market Buy to your Clients and Customers.

Call us at any time on 1300 90 90 95 and have a chat, you'll find our level of agent support second to none!


Phone support
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Frequently Requested Training Videos

Market Buy overview

This 10 minute demonstration shows the complete capabilities of our Offer Management Software. While not every feature is used in every sale, this video will run through exactly what you can do across a wide variety of scenarios from single offers and counter offers to multiple buyers all bidding for the property.

Market Buy is the only online offer management system that has you covered from 1 buyer to 20, and beyond!

Putting in an offer

As you will see here, submitting an offer couldn’t be easier for a buyer. Typing in the price and and their password and a quick confirmation will see the information instantly transmitted to all approved participants.

Counter offers

Making a counter offer or submitting a "will accept" price is a very simple and easy process. This video will show you how you can communicate your owners instructions to the buyer in a matter of seconds from any device. Effective communication and seamless delivery of important information is what will set you apart from your competition.

Accepting offers

It's easy to accept offers or declare a property on the market straight from your phone or tablet. Our easy to use software ensures that you can manage the offer process while on the go. This quick video will explain how.

Update / Reject Offers

Sometimes buyers make a mistake and sometimes they want to withdraw their offer and sometimes you, as the agent, want to remove a buyer and their offer for a variety of reasons. You have complete control over the offer process and can determine which offer sits on display as the current highest offer.

What Participants See

Our software is unique in that each participant in the sale sees information that is specific to where they currently are in the sales process. Our server recognises whether they have made an offer or not and delivers the information they need. This means that the information delivered is tailored to each Buyer, Vendor and Agent and gives you greater control over the information delivered. This video explains in more detail.

Buyer registration

What's involved in registering for a sale? This video is a quick one minute snapshot of the very simple and easy process buyers use to register to use the software and make their offers.

Tips on dealing with buyers

It's a pretty straight forward concept, buyers don't trust agents. From their perspective, they know that agents are commissioned by the vendors to get the best price possible so why would they use a system that promotes greater transparency?

In this video we will give you some tips and hints on how to best handle buyer questions and the reasons that our software can be a win/win for everyone involved.

Still wasting time on paperwork?

See Market Buy in action for yourself - our friendly team can't wait to show you the ins and outs of Market Buy, we're pretty excited by how great it is. And don't worry, there's no pressure at all - it really does sell itself. Just don't be the last one to get in on "The Online Offer Management System" that will revolutionise how you sell properties. Call us on 1300 90 90 95 or complete our online form and we'll get in touch with you.

Note: we'll give you a call within 1-2 business days to go through the Market Buy demo with you, so we do need your mobile number in order to do this.